Escher on Owniez Flip Flops?

Can a collaboration with the M.C. Escher foundation be established? First, we need to send an email to the right person at this foundation to inquire if we can use Escher’s artworks for commercial use.

Owniez flip flops, champions of sustainability and artistic expression, aspire to adorn their eco-friendly flip flops with the timeless artwork of Escher. Combining comfort and creativity, they aim to merge the intricate designs of Escher with their durable flip flops, allowing individuals to walk confidently while carrying a piece of art that resonates with both the environment and the soul.

“Escher Flip Flops.”

Since 2022, Owniez has been based in Leeuwarden, the birthplace of Escher. How incredible would it be to infuse old art with a modern and sustainable twist by imprinting Escher’s artworks on our durable Owniez flip flops? This is where our challenge lies, as all of Escher’s artworks are subject to copyright. Therefore, we must first obtain permission to actually design and produce these Escher-inspired flip flops.

We start by searching online for the entity that manages the copyrights for all of Escher’s artworks. Soon enough, we come across the M.C. Escher Foundation. Here, we find all the information about Escher himself and the copyrights and licenses associated. Perfect, now we have an email address and can proceed to send an email. Of course, the email needs to be well-crafted, intriguing, and most importantly, genuine. It should encompass who Owniez is, the kind of unique flip flops we design and produce, and, most importantly, the reason we believe that Escher on Owniez Flip Flops deserves global attention.

Today, we’re sending out the email and patiently waiting. Do you want to stay informed about the outcome of our Escher adventure? And if you’re interested in being able to order Escher flip flops from Owniez soon, sign up for our newsletter. We’ll keep you updated on all our flip flop adventures. If you don’t want to wait for the response and would like to start exploring other beautiful artworks on Owniez flip flops, take a look at our webshop.

escher on flip flops
M.C. Escher

Who is the artist Escher? M.C. Escher, a brilliant Dutch artist, was known for crafting mind-bending and intricate artworks that defied conventional perception. Born in 1898, in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) he delved into various artistic forms, from drawing to printmaking, leaving a lasting impact on the world of visual art.

Escher’s works often featured optical illusions, impossible constructions, and tessellations – patterns where shapes fit together perfectly without gaps or overlaps. His famous piece “Relativity” showcased a perplexing world where staircases led in multiple directions, challenging viewers to question reality.

His unique perspective and fascination with mathematical concepts led to the creation of visual paradoxes that still captivate and perplex art enthusiasts and mathematicians alike. Escher’s legacy is one of pushing the boundaries of imagination and perception, a testament to the power of art to transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary.

“Step into Creativity, Walk with Artistry.”

Intertwining the creativity of renowned artists with sustainable fashion, Owniez flip flops emerge as a canvas for both artistic expression and conscious consumption. By featuring the art of famous creators like Escher, these flip flops become more than footwear; they transform into walking galleries, allowing art enthusiasts to showcase their passion with every step. This union of artistry and sustainability not only celebrates cultural icons but also raises awareness about the importance of environmentally responsible choices. With each pair of flip flops, wearers not only embrace comfort and style but also contribute to the preservation of our planet – an innovative blend of art and fashion. Have a look at these amazing ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring Flip Flops’ from Johannes Vermeer.

Leeuwen in Masai Mara, Mahali Mzuri


Are you an artist with a vision ready to be walked upon? At Owniez, we believe that art knows no bounds. If you envision your masterpiece adorning our sustainable flip flops, we’re here to turn your imagination into reality. Let your art step out into the world with every stride. Contact us today and let’s create a wearable masterpiece together.

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