Flip flops can put you in a certain state of mind. If you wear flip flops on your feet, a sense of relaxation will come over you. Yet, this universal symbol of vacation and freedom is often available mainly in dull colors such as black, brown and blue.

Why is it so difficult to find colors and prints that match the cheerful and carefree feeling. And to find flip flops that can complement cool jeans, elegant dresses or colorful swimwear? Because, let’s face it, they should be able to go with any outfit, right?

Bringing together style and sustainability

With these questions in mind, in 2017 I began creating a concept that would reflect the ultimate feel-good flip flop vibe. What once started with the desire to design flip flops in colors that fit my style and wardrobe, quickly grew into the ambition to make it possible for everyone else to design flip flops that match theirs. And not just that, but with the best materials available.

Because of my business background as the owner of a consulting firm that specialized in the fashion industry, I was able to use my network to obtain the highest quality and most sustainable soles and straps. I searched around the world for eco-friendly inks to print the soles with and had the printing machines imported.

Flip flops created for you & by you

Today, all our flip flops are designed and produced with immense love and dedication. We make it possible to create planet-friendly flip flops from scratch — at a price equal to all standard flip flops. That is what makes OWNIEZ unique. Our flip flops are 100% natural, sustainable, top quality and, last but not least, entirely made for you and by you!

So, throw away your boring flip flops and give this embodiment of good vibes the attention it deserves by designing your own unique and colorful pair. Unleash your creativity, express your style and enjoy the flip flop feeling with OWNIEZ!

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