Unique flip flops for kids

We make your live easy as a parent because you can instantly download and print our blanco OWNIEZ coloring pages. Your child can now start being creative. Give them nice bright color markers and make sure that no white is visible on the coloring page when the page is finished. When the coloring is done, don’t forget to write down the name of your child. Because that is also what makes this coloring page, which we transform into flip flops, so unique.

Coloring page on flip flops
Girl is coloring our page
Coloring Page on Owniez Flip Flops
Skutsje coloring page

download here your coloring page

Zoo Flip Flops

Color all the animals of the zoo and then print your coloring page on flip flops.

Pony Flip Flops

Coloring the pony with a rainbow in the background and don’t forget the stars.

Pirates Flip Flops

Color your own story on this pirate coloring page and we will print it on flip flops.

Formule 1 Coloring Page

Holiday Flip Flops

On vacation you want to go in the pool of the slide, wow let’s start with all colors.

Formule 1 Coloring Page

Formule 1 Flip Flops

Color the Formule 1 sports car and the pit lane with the most beautiful colors.

Rabbit in a Car - English

Rabbit Flip Flops

For the youngest children among us, a rabbit goes on holiday and takes with him.

Unicorn Coloring Page - English

Unicorn Flip Flops

Show your sparkle and start coloring the unicorn flip flops with great colors.

Rabbit in a Car - English

Summer Flip Flops

Coloring page for all the older children who have an eye for detail and bright colors.

Formule 1 Coloring Page

Skûtsjesilen Flip Flops

In Friesland skûtsje-silen (sailing with historical flat bottom boats) is a top event.

Coloring page flip flops Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden on your own Flip Flops

Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland in the north of The Netherlands. A town filled with architecture.

Coloring page on flip flops camping

Camping Flip Flops

Camping is one of the most amazing things to do. Get your tent, gear and plan your own camping holiday.

Coloring page on flip flops Beach

Beach Flip Flops

Kids playing on the beach with a lot of sand building sandcastles. Wow have a look at that sailing boat.

Unicorn Coloring Page - English

Blank Flip Flops

DIY, draw your own coloring page on these blank flip flops and be 100% unique.


Are you looking for a creative idea for your chil’d birthday? Turn it into a flip flop party! All invited children will have a great time coloring and drawing, but being able to suprise them afterwards with a pair of flip flops with their creations printed on them is undoubtedly the icing on the cake! After the party, we will ensure that all your child’s friends get their flip flops in the correct size and design.

Want to learn more about how to host a flip flop party for your child, or would you like to make a special group request?

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