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Do you want to visit us in the Flip Flop Desig Studio?

In our webshop you can buy the most beautiful ready-made Owniez Flip Flops. But what is also possible is that you visit our Flip Flop Design Studio in Leeuwarden. You can design your own unique flip flops together with an Owniez designer or you buy a pair of ready-made Owniez Flip Flops and we add your own name, quote or slogan.

Before you get excited and already jump in your car or on your bike, you first need to make an appointment. Even if you only want to buy ready-made Owniez Flip Flops. Why? because we only design and produce ‘fresh’ flip flops for you!

The entire collection of ready-made Owniez Flip Flops hangs in our design studio and provides enough inspiration to go home with your own unique sustainable flip flops.

Make an appointment in the tool at the end of this page so you can visit our Flip Flop Design Studio and design your own flip flops.

All flip flop soles moving from Kenya to The Netherlands
Owniez Workshop

Owniez Workshops

Did you know that you can also do great workshops with us. You can choose to design your own flip flops from scratch or be creative with thread and macrame your own straps to create creative works of art on your feet. If you want to know more about these workshops first, take a look at the Owniez Workshops page.

It is good to know that you do not need any experience for either workshop. We give workshops for beginners who want to have a relaxing afternoon or evening. Up to the advanced graphic artist and or advanced macrame knotter.

Everyone curiously walks into our Flip Flop Design Studio. Create a fun group or sign up for the single workshop and we’ll see you soon!!

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