Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also design one pair of OWNIEZ flip flops?
Yes of course you can. Go to our webshop and start to design your own.

What countries does OWNIEZ deliver to?
Owniez delivers flip flops to all countries in the world.

What are Owniez delivery costs?
Owniez shipping costs depend on the carrier. After you have designed your own flip flops and entered your personal and address details, the exact prices will be visible in the webshop.

How can I track my delivery?
After you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation with a track and trace code on it. But there are still some countries where we can’t provide you a track and trace code.

What is Owniez return policy?
Personalized items can not be returned unless there is a manufacturing fault or product defect. All refunds and exchanges must be submitted within 14 days of receipt.

Can I return damaged flip flops?
We inspect each item for quality and accuracy before it is delivered to you or someone special. We guarantee that our personalized flip flops are free from manufacturing defects or defects of the product. If you have received flip flops with a manufacturing error, you can register for return in the original packaging.

If you use illustrations, you must be able to show that you are the rightful owner. We will not use your provided illustrations for other purposes without your permission.

By confirming an order you agree that you, the customer, give full permission for the use of copyrighted / trademarked designs, images or illustrations and full responsibility for any subsequent legal action taken by parties that are linked to a Copyright / trademark infringement.

If you want to use exact Pantone colors for logo and / or illustration, please let us know the correct codes. OWNIEZ is not liable for color inconsistency if we have not received Pantone numbers.

What happens after I placed my order?
After you have placed your order, we will send you an order confirmation (with sometimes a tracking code, this depends on the country).

Design, Production & Delivery Time
Design & Production time when you have designed your own flip flops?
This takes us 2-3 working days.

Design & Production time when you hired an OWNIEZ designer
To design a pair of unique OWNIEZ FLIP FLOPS depends on the difficulty of your design. The more information you give us the easier it is to design the most beautiful flip flops for you. After we received your order we start to make 2 different designs where you can choose 1 from. This process takes us 4-5 working days. When we received your final design we start our production and send them as soon as possible to you.

How does it work when you order Ready-Made flip flops?
Ready-made Owniez are also ‘freshly’ made and the production & delivery time is 2-3 working days.

Delivery time
The delivery time of OWNIEZ customized FLIP FLOPS depends on the country where we need to send them to. When you check out you can choose and see the exact delivery time.

Do I receive an email confirmation?
Owniez will send you an email confirmation of your order with all the details on it.

Which payment methods does Owniez offer?
Owniez offers several payment methods.

Do I receive an invoice with my order?
Owniez will send you an order confirmation by email. Your invoice and track and trace code are found in this email. Sometimes it is not possible, for some countries to send a track and trace code.

We do everything we can to describe the colors and descriptions of our flip flops as accurately as possible. However, please note that the image and color quality may be different on your screen. We can not guarantee that your screen accurately reflects all characteristics of the actual product.

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